We’ve all heard of the crazy bets people have placed in history, but they all always seem so distant and a thing of the past. Well, only in 2017 was there a bet placed on a single baseball game- that ended up with the bettor walking away with 8 Million Dollars.

While the Major League Baseball World Series unfolded last fall, not all eyes were on the field. No, as reported by superstar handicapper RJ Bell , the most compelling thing associated with the championship games happened in Las Vegas casinos.

Through an increasingly exciting series of tweets, Bell unfolded a story that could only happen in Vegas. According to Bell, a man “younger than 30 years old” with “Eastern European” descent placed “bets in the city” – and the bets were huge. As Bell said, the guy made a first bet on a World Series game, won, and let it go on until he collected $ 8 million in winnings in the first five games.

Before the opening game of the sixth game in the series, Bell announced on Twitter: “CONFIRMED RUMOR. Unknown Vegas bettor 5-0 in W Series – letting it all ride each game. He bet it all #Dodgers tonight !! “

Everyone who follows baseball knows that the Dodgers won game 6. And anyone who follows Bell wonders whether or not the handicapper’s prediction that the wild gambler is ready to spend $ 14 million on Game 7 would come up. Rumor has it that the casinos in Vegas were all too familiar with the high-stakes player. It reached the point where bookmakers moved their lines as he approached a betting provider.

Speculations were debated as to whether the guy was a rich child or not or whether he was placing bets on behalf of a large gambling syndicate. Even Bell wasn’t sure. Then, shortly before the start of Game 7, was a conversation that ended the tweet on the matter: “Perfect World Series ‘Let It Ride’ bettor NOT expected to bet Game 7 … Walking away with his winnings!”

In describing the unbridled Sports betting Bell said: “I’ve never seen a story like this.”

To date, nobody knows who the lucky punter was. Would you have continued betting on the game or walked away with your already massive winnings?